Collaborative research

Thanks to the HYBRIT initiative, it will be possible for SSAB to help reduce Sweden’s total carbon dioxide emissions by ten percent and Finland’s by seven percent. This is a unique opportunity to transition to a more sustainable society and a major contribution to Sweden’s ability to attain the climate goals set for 2045.

SSAB’s, LKAB’s and Vattenfall’s goal is to be the first in the world with a value chain for fossil-free steel by as early as 2026. To achieve this goal, cooperation is necessary between the development company Hybrit Development AB and the owner companies SSAB, LKAB, Vattenfall, as well as other actors such as the Swedish Energy Agency, Lund University, KTH, Luleå University of Technology, Sandvik, RISE, SEI and Swerim. Cooperation is taking place in various forms but mainly within the framework of the research project carried out by HYBRIT.

Logotypes for the research cooperative