Fossil-free pellet production

The fossil-free iron and steel production starts in the mine. Within HYBRIT, tests are being carried out to develop the manufacturing of iron ore pellets by using non-fossil fuels instead of today’s fossil fuels. The goal of HYBRIT is to develop fossil-free pellets, which requires a change of heating technology in the refining process.

The trials are taking place at LKAB’s pellet plant in Malmberget, Sweden, and will run 2020-2021. In the pellet plant, the use of bio oil is being tested and the goal is to switch to 100 percent renewable fuel. HYBRIT has supplemented LKAB’s existing plant in Malmberget with a special tank for bio oil as well as associated piping systems. It is the world’s first fossil-free pellet plant. In autumn 2020, successful trials to produce the world’s first iron ore pellets with fossil-free fuel were conducted.

As part of the HYBRIT concept, trials with other alternative heating techniques are also being carried out, such as hydrogen combustion and electric heating technology. These trials are taking place at Swerim in Luleå.



Visit - fossilfree pellet production

Join us for a virutal visit to the pilot facility in Malmberget, you will also get a quick view of our complimentary trials with other fossil free fuels.