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What's new?

Eva Vitell Leaving as GM of Hybrit Development AB

Eva Vitell, GM of Hybrit Development AB, has chosen to leave the company. A process…

19 Nov, 2021
What's new?

HYBRIT Granted Support from EU Innovation Fund

The HYBRIT-initiative is granted support from the European Union, as one of seven large-scale innovative…

17 Nov, 2021

We have done it

From mine to steel – the worlds first fossil free steel has been delivered. The…

8 Nov, 2021
What's new?

COP26: From mine to steel to the end products

As part of as part of the COP26 EU side events programme we organized an…

3 Nov, 2021
What's new?

HYBRIT Research project 1 has reached it’s end

Wednesday September 1st was a prominent day for HYBRIT’s Research project 1. It was time…

6 Sep, 2021
What's new?

The world’s first fossil-free steel ready for delivery

SSAB has now manufactured the first fossil-free steel in the world and delivered it to…

18 Aug, 2021

Hybrit is expanding and recruits specialists within Hydrogen

Now new opportunities open up to work in an exciting environment with world-unique development. A…

8 Jul, 2021
HYBRIT pilotanläggning direktreduktion Luleå
What's new?

HYBRIT: Fossil free gas heating – an important step towards fossil free steel

HYBRIT is taking yet another step towards fossil free steel by initiating a project to…

2 Jul, 2021

HYBRIT: Addressing the Root Cause

Our society needs steel but the steel industry today emits a vast amout of carbon…

19 May, 2021