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Hydrogen storage
A comparison of two hydrogen storages in a fossil-free direct reduced iron process

Joakim Andersson & Stefan Grönkvist. August 2021. In: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Volume 46, Issue 56, Pages 28657-28674.

Application of Liquid Hydrogen Carriers in Hydrogen Steelmaking

Joakim Andersson. March 2021. In: Energies, 14(5), 1392.

Efficiency of subset simulation in the design of lined rock caverns for storage of hydrogen gas

Davi R. Damasceno, Johan Spross, Fredrik Johansson & Jan Johansson. May 26, 2019. Conference: 13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering At: Seoul, South Korea.

Investigation of research needs regarding the storage of hydrogen gas in lined rock caverns

Fredrik Johansson, Johan Spross, Davi R. Damasceno & Jan Johansson. Report. June 20, 2018. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Large-scale storage of hydrogen

Joakim Andersson & Stefan Grönkvist. May 3, 2019. In: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Volume 44, Issue 23, Pages 11901-11919.

Methanol as a carrier of hydrogen and carbon in fossil-free production of direct reduced iron

Joakim Andersson, Andries Krüger & Stefan Grönkvist. September 2020. In: Energy Conversion and Management: X, Volume 7, 100051.

Modeling aspects of reliability-based design of lined rock caverns

Davi Rodrigues Damasceno, 2022. Doctoral Thesis in Civil and Architectural Engineering, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology.

Non-geological hydrogen storage for fossil-free steelmaking

Joakim Andersson. PhD thesis. April 2022. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Reliability-based design methodology for lined rock cavern depth using the response surface method

Davi R. Damasceno, Johan Spross & Fredrik Johansson. March 2020. In: ISRM International Symposium – EUROCK 2020, International Society for Rock Mechanics.

Storskalig lagring av vätgas i bergrum

Nicklas Simonsson, Johan Spross, Davi R. Damasceno, Fredrik Johansson, Jan Johansson & Bojan Stojanovic. 24 januari, 2019 In: Bygg & teknik nr 1/19.

Hydrogen-based reduction of iron ore
Carburization Behavior of Hydrogen-Reduced DRI Using Synthetic Bio-syngas Mixtures as Fossil-Free Carbon Sources

Sandeep Kumar, Hesham Ahmed, Johanna Alatalo & Bo Björkman. September 2022. In: Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, Published online: 2 Sep 2022

Effect of carbon concentration and carbon bonding type on the melting characteristics of hydrogen-reduced iron ore pellets

Hesham Ahmed, Sandeep Kumar, Johanna Alatalo & Bo Björkman. October 2022. In: Journal of Materials Research and Technology, Published online: 12 Oct 2022.

Effect of Temperature and Gas Mixtures on Cementite Formation During the Carburization of Hydrogen‑Reduced DRI

Sandeep Kumar, Johanna Alatalo, Hesham Ahmed & Bo Björkman. September 2022. In: Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, Published online: 5 Oct 2022

Experimental study of the temperature profile in an iron ore pellet during reduction using hydrogen gas

Julia Brännberg Fogelström, Master thesis. January 2020. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Experimental study on hydrogen reduction of industrial fines in fluidized bed

Oscar Hessling, Magnus Tottie & Du Sichen. December 2020. In: Ironmaking & Steelmaking, Published online: 6 Dec 2020

Preliminary experimental study on the effect of water of the hydrogen reduced hematite pellet

Henrik Welander, Master thesis. May 2021. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Meeting the market
Assessment of hydrogen direct reduction for fossil-free steelmaking

Valentin Vogl, Max Åhman & Lars J. Nilsson. December 2018. In: Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 203, Pages 736-745.

Bigger is sometimes better: demonstrating hydrogen steelmaking at scale

Olle Olsson & Björn Nykvist, Working paper. July 2020. Stockholm: Stockholm Environment Institute

Can we find a market for green steel?

Marlene Arens & Valentin Vogl. April 2020. In: Steel Times International 43(4):59-63.

En jämförelse av strategier för minskning av växthusgasutsläpp i stålindustrin

Gustaf Janse, Master thesis. July 2021. Lund: Lund University.

Hydrogen steelmaking for a low-carbon economy

Max Åhman, Olle Olsson, Valentin Vogl, Björn Nyqvist, Aaron Maltais, Lars J Nilsson, Karl Hallding, Kristian Skånberg & Måns Nilsson, Working paper. September 2018. Stockholm: Stockholm Environment Institute.

Industrial decarbonization done right: Identifying success factors for well-functioning permitting processes

Olle Olsson, SEI discussion brief. November 2021. Stockholm: Stockholm Environment Institute.

International cooperation for decarbonizing energy intensive industries – Towards a Green Materials Club A working paper on sectoral cooperative approaches

Max Åhman, Marlene Arens & Valentin Vogl, Working paper. July 2020. Lund: Lund University.

Low-emission steel production: decarbonizing heavy industry

Olle Olsson, SEI Perspective 11. April 2018. Stockholm: Stockholm Environment Institute.

Phasing out the blast furnace to meet global climate targets

Valentin Vogl, Olle Olsson & Björn Nykvist, Article. October 2021. Joule (cell.com) Volume 5, issue 10, P2646-2662.

Rethinking steelmaking: zero-emissions and flexibility with hydrogen direct reduction

Valentin Vogl, Max Åhman & Lars J. Nilsson. June 2018. In: ECEEE Industry Proceedings 2018.

Steel Beyond Coal – Socio-Technical Change and the Emergent Politics of Steel Carbonisation

Vogl, V. (2023). Steel Beyond Coal: Socio-Technical Change and the Emergent Politics of Steel Decarbonisation. Lund University, Environmental and Energy Systems Studies.

Steel database analysis – How are plant types related?

Ingrid Torstensson, Bachelor thesis. March 2020. Lund: Lund University.

Production of fossil-free iron ore pellets
Combustion Evaluation of Renewable Fuels for Iron-Ore Pellet Induration

Henrik Wiinikka, Alexey Sepman, Yngve Ögren, Bo Lindblom & Lars-Olof Nordin. July 18, 2019. In: Energy Fuels 2019, 33, 8, 7819–7829.

Effect of Varied Oxygen Levels on the Oxidation of a Magnetite Pellet Bed during Pot Furnace Induration

Anna Eriksson, Charlotte Andersson, Hesham Ahmed, Anders Dahlin, Telkicherla Kamesh Sandeep Kumar & Pär Semberg. December 8, 2020 In: ISIJ International, 2021 Volume 61 Issue 5 Pages 1439-1449.

Effects of High-Oxygen-Level Process Gas (40% O2) on the Temperature and Strength Development of a Magnetite Pellet Bed during Pot Furnace Induration

Anna Eriksson, Charlotte Andersson, Pär Semberg, Telkicherla Kamesh Sandeep Kumar, Anders Dahlin, Hesham Ahmed. January 07, 2022. In: ISIJ International, Vol.62 Nr.3.

Influence of Oxygen Enrichment on the Oxidation of a Magnetite Pellet Bed During Pot Furnace Induration

Anna Eriksson, Licentiate thesis. June 2021. Luleå: Luleå University of Technology.

Laser-Based, Optical, and Traditional Diagnostics of NO and Temperature in 400 kW

Alexey Sepman, Christian Fredriksson, Yngve Ögren & Henrik Wiinikka. July 30, 2021. In: Applied sciences 2021, 11(15), 7048.

Measuring NO and temperature in plasma preheated air using UV absorption spectroscopy

Alexey Sepman, Marcus Gullberg & Henrik Wiinikka. May 6, 2020. In: Applied Physics B volume 126, Article number: 100 (2020).

The Feasibility of Replacing Coal with Biomass in Iron-Ore Pelletizing Plants with Respect to Melt-Induced Slagging

Hamid Sefidari, Bo Lindblom, Lars-Olof Nordin & Henrik Wiinikka. 16 October 2020. In: Energies 2020, 13(20).

Production of hydrogen for steel making
Anion exchange membrane water electrolysis using Aemion membranes and nickel electrodes

Amirreza Khataee, Anuja Shirole, Patric Jannasch, Andries Krügera, and Ann Cornell. January 2022, In: Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10(30).

Integration of water electrolysis for fossil-free steel production

Andries Krüger, Joakim Andersson, Stefan Grönkvist & Ann Cornell. November 6, 2020, In: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 45, Issue 55, Pages 29966-29977.

Steel production of hydrogen-reduced iron ore
Effect of Reduction Degree on Characteristics of Slag Formed by Melting Hydrogen‐Reduced DRI and Partitions of P and V between Slag and Metal

Amanda Vickerfält, Johan Martinsson & Du Sichen. March 2021. In: Steel Research International, Volume 92, Issue 3.

Experimental Study on Phosphorus Partitions Between Liquid Iron and Liquid Slags Based on DRI

Joar Huss, Martin Berg & Niklas Kojola. February 2020. In: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, Volume 51, Pages 786–794.

Optimizing the slag system for phosphorus removal in a DRI-based EAF-process using the dictionary attack method

Joar Huss, Mater thesis. June 2018. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

The effect on carbonaceous iron on slag foaming

Josefin Svensson, Bachelor thesis. August 2018. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.