The strength of working together

To contribute to a greener future, we need to pull together. HYBRIT is a collaborative initiative between SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall. With financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency and EU’s Innovationfund, we are developing processes and conditions to produce the fossil-free steels of the future. As a consequence of the HYBRIT initiative, SSAB is planning to reduce emissions by about ten percent of Sweden’s total emissions and seven percent of Finland’s total emissions. Thus, HYBRIT is a crucial research and development project to enable Sweden to achieve the goals in the Paris Agreement. This gives Sweden a unique opportunity to switch to a more sustainable society and is a major contribution to Sweden’s ability to attain the climate goals set for 2045. In the future, the HYBRIT technology could also be used in other parts of the world and help reduce global emissions.

The three owners contribute with different parts of the value chain, and the strength lies in the cooperation. HYBRIT is bringing together skills and resources to develop a value chain where synergies are harnessed. Together, the owners carry the risks and costs, while the result will be much stronger.


SSAB is a highly specialized global steel company with a focus on high strength steel. In close cooperation with its customers, SSAB is developing stronger steel products and applications to improve their customers’ efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint. Today, the company already has the industry’s most carbon-efficient production system. SSAB’s goal is to be the first in the world to market fossil-free steel, by as early as 2026. The goal is for the company to be fossil-free by 2045. The HYBRIT initiative is enabling the transition to completely new conditions for the production of fossil-free steel.



As a global supplier of sustainable iron ore, minerals and specialty products, LKAB is creating value at many levels – for customers, society, employees and owners. LKAB’s strategy is aiming for zero carbon dioxide emissions from its own processes and products by 2045. This involves a historic transition in the form of changes in the company’s operations and taking a new market position as a supplier of carbon-free sponge iron. Today, LKAB already has the world’s most climate-efficient iron ore products for the global steel market. HYBRIT is an important part of the development towards a carbon-free value chain from mine to steel.



Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest producers and sellers of electricity and heat that, for more than 100 years, has electrified industries, supplied energy to people’s homes and modernized our way of life through innovation and cooperation. Vattenfall’s goal is to make it possible to live fossil-free within a generation. To make this a reality, Vattenfall is collaborating with other sectors and companies where electrification can be used to eliminate or reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Electrification and fossil-free hydrogen are the keys to success.

Vattenfall and HYBRIT