Demonstration of hydrogen-based direct reduction

In the demonstration plant for hydrogen direct reduction of iron ore, we are taking the next step in the development from the lab and pilot scale tests, which are underway today. In the H-DR demonstration plant, we will demonstrate production on an industrial scale, which is a necessary step in the development prior to full commercial operation.

The demonstration plant includes hydrogen production, and manufacturing of sponge iron by direct reduction with hydrogen. The facility is planned in Vitåfors in Gällivare Municipality, Sweden.

The project is now studying the conditions at location and different alternatives in order to design the outline of the process and set out the plant components for the best efficiency and safety and the minimum environmental impact. The same applies to the plant’s external energy supply and inputs as well as the deliveries of products and by-products.


Technology development

The hydrogen direct reduction demosntration plant involves development in several fields of technology. The unique and innovative aspect of the plant is to industrialize known technology and to develop certain strategic technical aspects and to put it all to together – to enable and scale up the fossil free process to an industrial and commercial scale. The development work is proceeding by means of studies, in laboratories and through the extensive testing that is taking place in the pilot direct reduction plant in Luleå, Sweden. Here technical solutions are being optimized and verified. The technological development is proceeding in parallel with the demonstration plant design and planning.

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