Work with HYBRIT

What is HYBRIT?

Hybrit Development AB is a joint venture between SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall with approximately 35 employees. HYBRIT stands for Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology and the vision is a fossil-free future. We are developing technologies for fossil-free, hydrogen-based, iron and steel production and are driving the transformation of the value chain to give a fossil-free mining and steel industry. Hybrit does not operate any production of iron or steel itself; instead, it is working with business-critical technological development together with our owner companies. We also engage consultants and external parties, but with a certain number of permanent employees as a base. Today, about 200 people in total work in, and around, Hybrit.


HYBRIT is dependent on a good supply of competence – primarily in research, development and technical expertise (for example, hydrogen and direct reduction). Our technology requires many years of experience, usually senior engineers, designers, project managers and experts. Often we employ, or use, expertise from our owner companies. When we seek external competence, we usually do so through recruitment companies and social media.

You can find our vacancies here, you also can submit a notification of interest by clicking on Connect.

Trainees and degree projects

The long-term supply of competence is important and we are collaborating with universities and research institutes. HYBRIT works in project form and has no resources to supervise trainees or degree projects. If you are interested in doing practical work or a degree project with links to our field, we advise you to contact our owner companies.




Schools and education

HYBRIT is contributing to creativity and innovation in society. This means we are happy to share our knowledge and research. However, we have limited opportunities to answer questions related to school work or to participate in seminars or suchlike that are not directly linked to our own field of research. For example, we have a strong connection with LTU, KTH and other institutes. You can read more about our technology, research and process here, on our website. If you are looking for other information about HYBRIT, it is best provided by our owner companies SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall.