Hydrogen storage

HYBRIT is planning a pilot hydrogen storage plant in Svartöberget, in Luleå, Sweden. The plant will be built in 2021 and tests will take place in 2022-2024. The pilot hydrogen storage plant is being built next to the pilot plant for direct reduction and they are connected by a pipeline. In the plant, tests will be conducted on the best way to store underground in a cavern.

In the HYBRIT process, the fossil-free hydrogen is central. It is produced by electrolysis of water and is used in the direct reduction shaft to remove the oxygen from the iron ore pellets. The electrolysis is done using fossil-free electricity. The hydrogen that will be used in the process is produced next to the direct reduction plant and can be used directly or stored.

Storing hydrogen provides an opportunity to stabilize the energy system by producing hydrogen when there is plenty of electricity, for example when it is windy, and using the stored hydrogen when the electrical system is under strain. To secure the availability of fossil-free hydrogen, it is important that it can be stored under safe and efficient conditions. The plant will be built according to the high standards that apply and its safety will be scrupulously reviewed to ensure compliance with the demands from society and authorities.


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