Eva Vitell Leaving as GM of Hybrit Development AB

Eva Vitell, GM of Hybrit Development AB, has chosen to leave the company. A process to find her replacement has begun and Eva Vitell will remain as GM for some time.

-We from the board would like to thank Eva for the successful work she and her team have done and for the progress that Hybrit has made under Eva’s leadership. Just a few months ago, Hybrit was the first company in the world to produce sponge iron from iron ore pellets continuously on a pilot scale using hydrogen, the raw material for fossil-free steel. We have also received recognition from the European Commission through support from the Innovation Fund to take this initiative into the future, says Andreas Regnell, chairman of Hybrit Development AB

-It has been a very fun and educational journey where I have been able to lead the work at Hybrit Development AB and I am extremely proud of the results that I and my team have achieved, says Eva Vitell.

As of the 1st of December 2021, Ulf Spolander, takes up the role as acting GM of Hybrit Development AB.

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