Direct reduction with hydrogen on a demonstration scale

In HYBRIT’s planned demonstration plant, we are taking the next step in the development from the lab and pilot scale tests, which are underway today. In the demonstration plant, we will demonstrate production on an industrial scale, which is a necessary step in the development prior to full commercial operation.

The demonstration plant includes hydrogen production, and manufacturing of sponge iron by direct reduction with hydrogen. HYBRIT is investigating two alternative locations for the demonstration plant, Lule√• Municipality and G√§llivare Municipality, Sweden. Start of construction is planned for 2023, with start-up in 2025, with the goal of producing the world’s first fossil-free steel by 2026.

The project is now studying the conditions at the different locations and different alternatives in order to design the outline of the process and set out the plant components for the best efficiency and safety and the minimum environmental impact. The same applies to the plant’s external energy supply and inputs as well as the deliveries of products and by-products.

At this point, the demonstration plant for direct reduction using fossil-free hydrogen does not include any large-scale hydrogen storage. The hydrogen to be used in the plant is produced adjoining the process and is used when it is produced. A demonstration hydrogen storage plant may be appropriate at a later stage, to verify this important element of the value chain on an industrial scale.

Technology development

The demonstration hydrogen direct reduction plant involves development in several fields of technology. The unique and innovative aspect of the plant is putting together known building blocks, which have been tested before, into a whole and in scaling up the fossil-free process to an industrial and commercial scale. The development work is proceeding by means of studies, in laboratories and through the extensive testing that is taking place in the pilot direct reduction plant in Luleå, Sweden. Here technical solutions are being optimized and verified. The technological development is proceeding in parallel with the plant design and planning, the financing as well as the permit process.


HYBRIT wants to implement an important and innovative transformation of the value chain and will apply for co-financing from the EU Innovation Fund for the demonstration project. The fund has been created using money from the EU Emissions Trading System and provides support for large and innovative projects leading to reductions in emissions. HYBRIT’s demonstration scale is a project that delivers truly significant emission reductions, while enabling the roll-out of products made of ore-based fossil-free steel.

Permit process

In 2020, work began on the preparation of the documentation for the environmental impact assessment, which will form the basis for the permit application for the demonstration plant that will be submitted to the Land and Environment Court. We are now in the consultation phase, where we have completed consultations concerning both of the possible locations (in Luleå Municipality and Gällivare Municipality) that are under investigation for the demonstration plant. Once the location has been selected, we will conduct in-depth consultation regarding the selected location.

As support for the dialogue in the consultation process, consultation documentation has been produced, including the possible location, scope and design of the planned activities. It also describes the environmental impact to which the activities could give rise. The consultation material is only available in Swedish and can be required by sending an e-mail to Hybrit Samråd.

In connection with the in-depth consultation for the selected location, we will produce additional supporting documentation for the upcoming dialogue. The documentation will be available to the consultation partners in plenty of time prior to the consultation process and it will be available here, on our website.

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